We are the leading national and international provider of display and storage shelving solutions. Created since 1990, Vértice Design has been known for providing service constantly giving follow-up to its customers in each of project. 
Our company offers services and products of excellent quality, specializing in the planning and manufacture of standard and custom-made systems.
Our goal is to provide the best service, by optimizing spaces, contributing to the growth of companies and, as a result, achieving a greater return on investment.
Vértice, is your ally in the opening, remodeling or expansion of warehouses and commercial venues such as:


  • Distribution centers
  • Commercial and industrial warehouses
  • Warehouses for frozen and refrigerated products
  • Logistic operations
  • Supermarkets and convenience stores
  • Technology and Appliance stores
  • Clothing stores and boutiques
  • Shopping centers and Kiosks
  • Shoe stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Hardware Stores
  • Low, medium and high capacity warehouses and shops in general